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/gənl/-the reinforced strip around the edge of a canoe

Path of the Masters – Plein Air Painting

It's the kind of thing folks do on a dare or a whim.  For some, it's an impulsive decision made after a night on the town.  For others, a lifelong process that approaches an obsession.  As for me, I looked down at my right arm, through eyes unclouded by whisky, and...

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Boyd Island Shoreline Restoration

Our hearts sank as we paddled past one of the sites our most recent shoreline restoration excursions to find a massive bonfire pit and a tramped mess of freshly-planted baby cedars and dogwood.  Only one week earlier, we'd raked the site clean of party debris, busted...

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Paddling Routes Map Hunting

Paddling Routes Map Hunting I'm getting ready to visit Trent University students later today, and part of that session will include a bit of hunting around for special locations on some of my favourite tripping maps, including the French River, Algonquin Paddling...

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Edge of the Wedge #2 – Experiential Tourism

Edge of the Wedge #2 Experiential education has always been the lens through which I have structured activities, both with my language students and with participants of the Land Canadian Adventures. It's a powerful methodology for continuous growth and improvement...

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TOP 8 TIPS for SPRING RUN 2016 All the signs of spring are here: the maple sap is starting to tail off, the buds are beginning to appear and the redwing blackbirds are repopulating the shorelines of our land of lakes and rivers. Usually all it takes is one of these...

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CROWE RIVER SPRING 2016 I thought I'd lined up my maiden run for this year when my friend Mike called to plan a trip down the Indian River for the last weekend in March. Always a fun paddle, if a little shallow, and a perfect way to shake off the rust in my paddling...

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