I’ve been looking forward to April for quite a while now, since it marks the beginning of a very exciting professional development opportunity for myself and the Land: the “Edge of the Wedge” course at the Gros Morne Institute of Sustainable Tourism in Newfoundland. This is the premier course of its kind in Canada, and this spring’s session will be the 35th offering of this week-long set of workshops; the organizers have been building it over the course of eleven years. This session is led by Dr. Nancy Arsenault, one of Canada’s leading experts in experiential travel: needless to say I’m pretty excited to learn from the best this coming week!
This opportunity was made possible by the support of Peterborough and Kawartha Tourism, who have graciously paid my tuition for Edge of the Wedge and accommodation in Rocky Harbour. I just bumped into Jamie and Kelly from PKT, who are here on course as well, and I look forward to adventuring together with them, and Fran who is also repping the Kawarthas this week.
Now, the drive all the way down east takes quite a bit of work, so it’s important to have a small mission to divert your attention from the Quebecois potholes and the fear of a wayward moose wandering onto the road, so I set myself the goal of having a solid paddle in every province I will cross during this trip. Here’s a clip of some of the footage I shot during my mini adventure along the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence Seaway which has been paddled for as long as humans have lived on this land, as this course connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Even in April, reaching the shores of the seaway requires navigating an impressive icefield, so I got some help grabbing footage of this little detour from a couple of new friends who were out for a spring day’s walk through this lovely eastern Quebec village. If you’re looking for a translation of the French conversation, I’ll hazard a rough one: the first bit of dialogue consists of the monsieur explaining the purpose and usage of go pro cameras, and in the second, the madame explaining that I’m probably going to survive the St. Lawrence, since I’ve paddled the “torrents” of Nepal! LOVE IT!

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