Our Team

Is our strength.

The Land Team is committed to planning and leading the best outdoor adventures in the Ontario backcountry and beyond.

Briagh Hoskins-Hasbury

Briagh Hoskins-Hasbury

cofounder, guide, canoe instructor, mama bear

Briagh brings her outstanding work ethic to bear on everything she does: from crushing long portages, to building camp and preparing delicious backcountry cuisine. She’s been an international traveler, student and teacher across Asia, Europe and South and North America, and is fluent in three languages. Briagh has loved outdoor adventure since her earliest days canoe camping with her family in Silent Lake, Killarney and Temagami, and proudly shares that heritage with Bretton and her daughter Lily.

Bretton Clark

Bretton Clark

cofounder, guide, "chief experiential officer"

Bretton is passionate about sharing Canadian backcountry wisdom and experience with visitors and locals alike. His heart flows with Ontario’s lakes and rivers, but he’s also planned and executed expeditions in the Andes, Himalayas, as well as the Canadian Rockies and both coasts, and is always planning the next adventure.   He learned to love the outdoor life at his family cottage near the northwest corner of Algonquin, where he returns every year with Lily and Briagh.

We acknowledge that we are visitors on the land of Nogojiwanong, the land at the base of the rapids, and the Kawarthas, land of shining waters. We are inspired by the sacred history of the land and aspire to be thoughtful guests here.

We are committed to learning about the history of our area and understanding the nature of The Land Between, so that we may share it with our guests through the wild edibles we collect, the food we prepare, the sites we visit and our love for canoe and snowshoe.  With respect and sensitivity, The Land brings these elements together into a unique, memorable and motivational form of accessible and sustainable natural experience.

Bow to the Wild isn’t only our preferred canoeing orientation, it’s an ethos that pays tribute to the power of natural areas to heal, teach and enthrall.  To allude to a kindred spirit, we go into the woods “to live deliberately,” in the full knowledge that our experiences there enrich life through mindful connection to the wild, our fellow beings and ourselves.

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