1. It’s on Saturday June 24, 2017.  Plan to arrive for 12:00 to make sure you make it in the lift lock tubs.
  2. Previous record: 138.  Set by #teamPTBO last year.  This year, we’re going to jigsaw 150 boats into each of the tubs of our world’s tallest hydraulic liftlocks, for a grand total of 300 paddlecraft.
  3. No Boats? No Problem! Join in our Canoe and Kayak RideShare on Facebook.
  4. You can jump in one of our boats and join our Critical Mass as we’ve been doing it for years! $35 includes all gear necessary and some instruction and guiding to help you lock through.
  5. All paddlecraft should contain Transport Canada’s legal requirements for boats: a pfd or lifejacket for every paddler, a bailer, 50’ of floating rope and a whistle.  You should probably bring a paddle or two as well!

    Lock 'n Paddle On-Water Safety

    The Lock 'n Paddle trio of Ed, Jess and Bretton discuss safe paddling for National Canoe Day. Join us on Saturday, June 24 at 1:00 for food, fun and free lockage! The Canadian Canoe Museum, Trent-Severn Waterway, The Land – Canadian Adventures

    Posted by The Land – Canadian Adventures on Monday, June 12, 2017

  6. You can rent boats at Wild Rock, Adventure Outfitters and Pedal and Paddle by the Silver Bean 
  7. This year, we’ve got some competition!  Sault Ste, Marie Ontario has some famous lift locks and they’re trying to fill them on Canada Day with their Parade of Paddles.  Even further afield, Scotland’s Falkirk Wheel is planning to match our event somehow, but they’ve been pretty sly about what they’re planning!

  8. If you’re putting in at Little Lake, be sure to leave between 45-60 minutes to paddle through the Maria Lock 20 on your way to the big one.  Check out Parks Canada’s info page for details of where to launch your boat.
  9. The Canadian Canoe Museum’s James Raffan, who poetically regards Canada as a nation of rivers and a river of nations, proposed that Canada needed at least one day to acknowledge its best-loved watercraft and created National Canoe Day.
  10. Come prepared to have some fun!  Fill your boats with colour and creativity, and definitely be prepared to sing a song or two during our record-breaking lockage!
National Canoe Day 2016

Here's a quick little video Evan Holt made while paddling up the Trent-Severn Waterway to the Lock 'n Paddle - National Canoe Day festivities at the Peterborough Lift Lock.

Posted by PtboCanada on Sunday, June 26, 2016

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